Asia Ecolodge

represents a new generation of eco-friendly and sustainable travel accommodations in which natural beauty and modern touches work together in a seamless harmony.

All our properties are located amidst tranquil and beautiful natural settings, offering guests an enchanting way of being a part of these ecological havens. Each is a special symphony that showcases the unique charm of local architectural style, landscape and culture.

It is the genuine and humble hospitality, the personalised service, the commitment to local environment and community, and the ambiance of simplicity and elegance that define the core values shared throughout our chain. These features make Asia Ecolodge a diverse but integrated collection of sustainable accommodations in the region.

  • Hue Ecolodge

    Hue Ecolodge

    For those who are seeking to simultaneously relax in a pristine natural setting and to engage themselves into the richness of day to day local life, Hue Ecolodge delivers in every way. Whether it is walking on a village path, swimming in the river, cooking the way locals do or simply sleeping with a symphony of cricket sounds, all will charm your heart. Hue Ecolodge is not just a place to stay as a guest but also a place to return to as a home comer whenever you feel weary.

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  • Mai Chau Ecolodge

    Mai Chau Ecolodge

    Sitting atop a private hill in Na Phon village, Mai Chau Ecolodge is the most secluded haven in Mai Chau with a stunning backdrop of lush rice paddies and emerald mountains embraced by clouds. Inspired by nature, we constructed the lodge to be a refuge of charm and serenity, providing guest a chance to forget about the worries of daily life and to enjoy the best Mai Chau has to offer.

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27A6 Dam Trau, Hai Ba Trung District, Hanoi Capital, Vietnam.
Tel: (+84 4) 3221 6726